Larry Richelli

Larry Richelli is a Tango dancer and DJ residing in southern California. His decade of experience began with training from Suzanna Miller and has enabled him to provide excellent music for numerous Tango Festivals as well as a monthly Milonga in San Diego.

Georgina Mondshine

Georgina Mondshine began DJing tango in 2014 in the Houston Day of Tango with the Glover Tango Quartet, and she continued in 2015 in Austin with Pablo Ziegler.

She has DJ’d for “Milonga del Corazón” in Austin and “Milonga del Alma” in San Antonio. Georgina also DJs regularly dj in different milongas in Houston, and every week at the traditional practilonga “La Dominguera.”

Within each tanda, she likes to create atmospheres where dancers can immerse in the music and experiment different feelings, either romantic with melodic songs, or happy with rhythmical tunes.

Fil Cruz, Jr.

Fil Cruz Jr. loves to dance Argentine Tango and to explore the dance’s rich musical heritage. Fil began DJing in 2006 at milongas and practicas throughout Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

“As a DJ, I have seen how tango music has deeply touched dancers. I am perpetually on the search for those rare tracks, transfers, and new recordings that will inspire dancers’ connection and improvisation.”

Over the years, Fil has assembled an eclectic collection of both traditional, nuevo, and alternative tango music, crafted into tandas that play to dancers and their energy. A Fil milonga always runs over time.

Photographer: Sarah Tomlinson

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