Hugo and Celina

Celina Rotundo and Hugo Patyn are Master Argentine Tango dancers and choreographers who have dazzled the world, both on stage and in the classes that they teach. They have danced worldwide sharing their unique connection and style through their passionate and sensual choreography. As instructors, they have have inspired students around the world.

George and Jairelbhi

George and Jairelbhi are recognized for their musicality and are seen as one of the most prominent Argentine Tango couples of their generation. They have performed and taught Tango in cities throughout the U.S. and internationally. As dancers and choreographers, they have performed in many Tango shows and with symphony orchestras.

Nasrin & Mark

Nasrin Barmaki is an interdisciplinary artist with an eclectic dance background fusing her training in diverse styles of dance, music, yoga an martial arts. She is founder of TangoAmor in DFW and has been teaching and performing Tango since 2006. Recently she has formed a partnership with Mark Hernandez and together they have danced all over the world.

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